For the second consecutive year, the WSIB has partnered with the Ontario Ministry of Labour to promote workplace health and safety for young workers in Ontario by co-sponsoring a student video contestThe annual competition is led by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety to engage secondary students across Canada in awareness of workplace health and safety. Each province and territory runs their own contest, and winning entries are then submitted to the national contest.


WSIB Contest for Secondary Students!!

Contest participants are required to submit a creative video to illustrate the importance of working safely on the job. Themes can include topics such as: advice on how to ask employers and co-workers questions about workplace safety without fear of embarrassment; a message to employers on how it is okay for youth to ask questions about workplace safety; or any other health and safety messages students wish to convey. This year’s optional theme is Speak Up! Speak out!

Contestants can submit videos until March 11, 2016, at 11:59 EST. The contest is open to current Ontario secondary school students. For more information please visit:



OCTE Excellence in Teaching Awards

Nomination Forms are now available!!!




The Ontario Mining Association (OMA) has launched its 2015-2016 “So You Think You Know Mining” video contest.

Ontario high school students are eligible to participate in the 8th annual SYTYKM competition. Students are asked to submit Create a compelling 2-3 minute video clip that profiles the benefits of mining to society, or a 15 Second Commercial that builds on the Ontario Mining Brand.

Videos can be individual or group projects. Highlights of the 2015-2016 contest

·         The total prize purse for this contest season is $45,000.
·         Winning videos will be awarded prizes valued at $2,500 to $5,000.

Early bird entries are eligible to win an additional $500. Each winning video also earns a $500 bonus for their school! Any school that produces more than 3 videos can win $2,000. Teachers' Choice Award voters eligible for a $1,000 prize draw.
·         Anyone who submits before 11:59 pm on January 28, 2015, are eligible to win the $500 Early Bird Prize. 
·         Submissions closed APRIL 4, 2016. 

Please visit the Ontario Mining Association web site for more details about the contest



Live Safe! Work Smart! over the Holidays

One page Parent Guide (in English and French) to target the parents of teenagers who will be working over the holiday season, primarily in the retail and restaurant sectors.

 This brief guide has been written to help parents discuss workplace health and safety with their teenage children and provides them with tips and resources.

 The aim for this guide is to be released three times per year, coinciding with seasonal youth employment:

•           December: holiday retail season

•           March-April 2016: college and university students starting summer jobs

•           May-June 2016: high school students starting summer jobs 

The Parent Guide is posted on the MOL and Live Safe! Work Smart! website and will also be promoted through MOL social media (Facebook, Twitter). 



OCTE Best Practices Contest

$100 Prize could be yours!

With a monthly prize winner posted in the OCTE newsletter.Select from a choice of $100 gift cards from Lowes, Home Depot, Chapters, Canadian Tire, Tim Hortons, or Starbucks.Contest Description It’s easy.  You’re already building and sharing resources, here’s your chance to receive a thank you from OCTE that you can spend any way you like.  

Create something new or share something you already use in the classroom or shop to win big!

Share a best practices project from your classroom or shop

Include plan, assessment or evaluation tool , exemplars and any other details that might be neededSend your best practice unit to

Things to consider

Task should reflect the philosophy of technological education students learn best by doing• Safety concerns are considered and addressed• Task encourages problem solving and alternative solutions

Task reflects the curriculum guidelinesImportant Contest Dates

Contest is now open!! 

Entries close monthly on the 15th

Judging will be by month’s end

Contest winners will be notified by email and able to choose from a selection of $100 gift cards

Winning work will be published in the OCTE newsletter and accessible on the OCTE website.



2015/16 It’s Your Job Video Contest

The 2015/16 It’s Your Job Video contest has launched and we are hoping to get your help in spreading the word. The contest this year has an optional theme: Speak Up! Speak Out! through which we hope to encourage students to find ways in which they can speak to their employers and colleagues about workplace health and safety without fear or embarrassment. WSIB has once again matched the prize money:

·        1st Place: $2000 for the entrant(s), $2000 for their school

 ·         2nd Place: $1500 for the entrant(s), $1500 for their school

·         3rd Place: $1000 for the entrant(s), $1000 for their school

You can find the contest rules and the application form on our website at:

8th annual SYTYKM video contest

The Ontario Mining Association, a not-for-profit organization, is hosting the 8th annual SYTYKM video contest for high school students. The contest challenges students to tell imaginative stories about the benefits of mining to society with 2- to 3-minute videos or a 15-second commercial. The contest, running from November 1, 2015 to April 4, 2016, offers $45,000 in cash and prizes to students and schools. Top videos earn from $2,500 to $5,000. Early bird entries are eligible for an additional $500. Any school that produces more than three videos can win $2,000. Teachers’ Choice Award voters are eligible for a $1,000 prize draw. The awards gala is on June 1, 2016, at the Royal Ontario Museum. Visit the Ontario Mining Association for more information



We need to love our trades again.


All parents should know about Skills Canada. Skills Canada has just wrapped up a national competition where top students from across the country compete in their trade for gold and a spot on Team Canada to compete at World Skills, the Olympics of skilled trades.

 Skills Canada is important to me because it’s changing the way we think about the trades, and that will have a direct impact on our lives and our economy. Who builds the world? Trades.…….more


If you are looking for documents to assist you with safety, look no further!! The new and updated safeDOCS


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