If you are looking for documents to assist you with safety, look no further!! The new and updated safeDOCS


Ontario is one few jurisdictions in the world that includes health and safety education in appropriate curriculum, policies and programs to help prepare students for healthy and safe working lives. Since 1999, when the new curriculum was launched, injury rates for Ontario teenagers have decreased by 70%, no doubt influenced by lessons taught by Ontario teachers.
The Ministry of Labour has produced and provided the Live Safe! Work Smart! set of teacher resources, teacher web site, related resources and delivered support to the education system for nearly 15 years to facilitate student safety education.
To help us ensure we continue to provide relevant, appropriate and well-used resources and supports for teachers, please complete the survey, in English or in French, to help inform a renewal plan.  The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. It’s open for responses until June 30th.
English:  http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/ontminlabour/live-safe-work-smart/
French:  http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/ontminlabour/live-safe-work-smart/langfr-ca/
L’Ontario est parmi l’un des quelques territoires au monde qui incluent l’éducation en matière de santé et de sécurité dans les curriculums, les politiques et les programmes appropriés en vue d’aider les élèves à se préparer à une vie professionnelle sûre et saine. Depuis 1999, année où le nouveau curriculum a été lancé, les taux de blessures chez les adolescents en Ontario ont diminué de 70 %, taux qui ont sans doute été influencés par les leçons données par le personnel enseignant en Ontario.
Le ministère du Travail a conçu et livré un ensemble de ressources pédagogiques intitulées Travailleur avisé, travailleur en santé!, un site Web et des ressources connexes et a également offert un soutien au réseau d’éducation pendant près de 15 ans pour faciliter l’enseignement de la sécurité aux élèves.
Pour nous  aider à continuer à fournir des ressources à jour, pertinentes et conviviales et des services de soutien au personnel enseignant, nous vous prions de remplir le sondage, en français ou en anglais, afin de nous éclairer quant au plan de renouvellement.  Il faut prévoir environ 10 minutes ou moins pour remplir le sondage.  Vous pouvez donner vos réponses jusqu’au 30 juin.
Français : http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/ontminlabour/live-safe-work-smart/langfr-ca/  
Anglais : http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/ontminlabour/live-safe-work-smart/  
Sue Boychuk
Provincial lead: Young Workers
Coordinator:  It’s Your Job Video contest
Prevention Office
Ministry of Labour
10 Dundas Street East, 8th floor
Toronto, Ontario


OCTE has partnered with the Ministry of Education to develop safety guidelines and resources to assist technological education teachers in the delivery of “emphasis courses” and “multiple-credit courses” as they relate to the Ontario Curriculum, Grade 9-12, Technological Education, 2009 (revised). These resources will become an appendix or supplement to the SafeDOCs and align to the curriculum documents with safety guideline content, resources and tools for teachers to access from the OCTELab Portal.. The resources will also try to capture emphasis area content that is specific to the subject.
OCTE is searching for lead and subject-area writers to develop classroom resources that will focus on meeting health and safety expectations. These documents will be posted on OCTE’s resource portal for teachers to access. The primary work will be completed in English with French versions where possible. Anyone interested in this opportunity is asked to complete the application form and submit as per instructions found in the attached documents. Applicants will be required to attend a mandatory meeting at Conestoga College on Thursday, July 3, 2014 from 9:00 - 2:00pm. 

Request for Writers
Project Overview
Application Form

Should you have any questions please contact Kevin Shea at kevin.shea@ocdsb.ca.
Thank you for your interest in this important initiative.




Dick Hopkins Award David Lewis Halton DSB
Technological Education Leadership  Peter Svec
Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic DSB

 Certificate of Recognition Tom O’Brian
Hamilton Wentworth DSB
  Debra Erkkila
Hamilton Wentworth DSB
   Tom Mercante  Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic DSB 
  Darrin Saywich Duffering Peel Catholic DSB
OCTE Excellence in Teaching - Elementary Pamela Pillon
Thames Valley DSB
OCTE Excellence in Teaching - Secondary Mark Flanagan
Huron Perth Catholic DSB
  Rich Neufeld
Hamilton Wentworth DSB


It’s Your Job Video Contest Winners!

I am pleased to share with you this year’s winners of the Ministry of Labour’s 2013/14 It’s Your Job… Ontario secondary school video contest.   
I am very impressed with the quality of their submissions and I’m sure you will be as well.  All videos clearly illustrate the importance of working safely on the job.
You can view the Ontario winners on our contest page at www.Ontario.ca/videocontest .
First place (tied): $1,000 for each team and $1,000 for their schools: Grade 11 students of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary School in Mississauga; and Grade 12 students of H. B. Beal Secondary School in London;
Second Place: $750 for the student, $750 for the school: a Grade 12 student at John McCrae Secondary School in Ottawa;
Third Place: $500 for the team, $500 for their school: Grade 10 students at Lockerby Composite School in Sudbury.
You can take part in a Canada-wide vote for your favourite video during North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH) taking place between May 4  and May 12. Help choose the It’s Your Job… Canada’s Fan Favourite by voting for your favourite of the winning student videos from across the country, including the Ontario videos. All the videos can be viewed and voted for at:  www.labour.gc.ca/eng/health_safety/contest/submissions/index.shtmlThe video with the most votes receives $1,000.
Please vote and encourage stakeholders, partners, friends and family to get involved and vote for their Canadian favourites.
Many thanks for your continued support of our youth initiatives.
George Gritziotis
Chief Prevention Officer/ Associate Deputy Minister




Student Injury Preventions Funding

May 1, 2014

Note the latest information release for Round 2 of the Student Injury Preventions Funding. Please review this ministry release and make sure your request of needs through additional funding are known to the Superintendent responsible for completing the survey.



For OCTE contact, please call 519 689-4754